Facilities & Equipment

Control, training and focus are our basis for achieving continuous success.  In-house project management and engineering capabilities maintain control of various sub-vendors to keep our projects moving forward. Shop employees are trained and certified to comply with standards required to maintain AISC standard steel building structures and sophisticated coating endorsement.  Shop supervision is an on-going, daily process with an emphasis on safety and quality for all workers.
Our 120,000 square foot structural shop and 30,000 square foot miscellaneous steel shop have the manpower, equipment, and capacity to produce approximately 2,000 tons of fabricated steel per month.
Although we have the capability to construct any building or structure you present us with, our specialty is on larger projects that require creative details and unique shapes that cannot be achieved by machine.  Our trained and certified employees have the knowledge to operate the most advanced equipment, while also being able to produce intricate architectural designs by hand.